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Egypt Declare State of Emergency as Rare Cyclone is Hammering Middle East

A powerful storm developing over Egypt on Thursday, March 12, 2020, is expected to move northeast posing threats to other Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is a very rare severe weather system, capable of producing very heavy rain and strong winds. Due to a severe risk of flooding, the Egyptian authorities have declared a […] Read More

Violent Storm Coming Off U.S. East Coast Generating Hurricane-Force Winds and Gigantic Waves

A rapidly intensifying bombogenesis is developing along the US East Coast. The system generated violent hurricane-force winds around the core and major waves offshore. The central pressure of this storm system plunged more than 40 millibars from Friday morning (1004mb at 7am) to early Saturday (959mb by 3am). Kaboom! That’s more than enough to satisfy […] Read More