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Fauci: States with severe coronavirus outbreaks “should seriously look at shutting down”

Anthony Fauci on Wednesday told a Wall Street Journal podcast that states experiencing a significant uptick in new coronavirus cases “should seriously look at shutting down.” The big picture: The comments come as states like Florida, Texas and Arizona have become new hotspots for the virus, with soaring rates of infections and rising deaths. While those states have taken steps to […] Read More

Virus Almost Identical to Corona Found in Abandoned Mine Seven Years Ago

A virus 96 per cent identical to the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 was found in an abandoned mine in China seven years ago. The bat-infested copper mine in Mojiang, western China, was home to a coronavirus that left six adult men sick with pneumonia and three of them dead. Many scientific theories have linked Covid-19 back to bats, which […] Read More

UPDATE: Israel Annexation decision likely to be made next week

July 1, the first day on which the coalition agreement allowed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring sovereignty to a vote, passed without any progress on that front, as was expected. Jerusalem and Washington are expected to coordinate their decision on where and when Israel will extend its laws in the West Bank next week, […] Read More

Fauci warns coronavirus surge ‘way beyond worst spikes we’ve seen’

 Are we about to see another National lockdown coming soon? Dr. Anthony Fauci is sounding the alarm after the number of new U.S. coronavirus infections diagnosed in a single day has reportedly broken a record surging past 50,000 for the first time, setting a new record for the total cases reported in just 24 hours […] Read More

USC, Emory Creating Coronavirus Surveillance System Similar to China’s Social Credit Scoring

China launched its notorious social credit system last year to watch over its own citizens and mete out punishment based on personal behavior and loyalty to the Communist Party. Now three prominent U.S. universities are using taxpayer money to create a similar type of surveillance network designed to monitor Americans and assign them scores based […] Read More

Coronavirus Causing Damaging Blood Clots From Brain to Toes

Another threat from the lung virus that causes Covid-19 has emerged that may cause swift, sometimes fatal damage: blood clots. Doctors around the world are noting a raft of clotting-related disorders — from benign skin lesions on the feet sometimes called “Covid toe” to life-threatening strokes and blood-vessel blockages. Ominously, if dangerous clots go untreated, they may manifest […] Read More

Brazil Is Digging Thousands Upon Thousands of Mass Graves in Sao Paulo as the Country Is Overwhelmed by the Pandemic

Now it is Latin America’s turn to face the pain of the COVID-19 storm that has spread west across the globe. In Brazil, the health service is ill-prepared. In truth it is already overwhelmed. Since they can’t fight this virus, they are digging instead thousands upon thousands of graves in the city of Sao Paulo. The […] Read More


Nowtheendbegins – Called “Operation Warp Speed,” the program will pull together private pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and the military to try to cut the development time for a vaccine by as much as eight months, according to two people familiar with the matter. As part of the arrangement, taxpayers will shoulder much of the financial […] Read More

Decomposing Bodies Found in Trucks Parked in Front of Brooklyn Funeral Home

“Bodies are coming out of our ears.” The funeral home director used the trucks for overflow storage, but only after he had filled his chapel with more than 100 corpses. Latest Video The call came in at shortly after 11 a.m. on Wednesday. A terrible stench was coming from a pair of trucks parked outside […] Read More

Malaysian Health Director said: ‘Very contagious’ mutation of coronavirus detected here

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said medical researchers have found a mutation of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 in Malaysia. He said the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) discovered a more contagious variant of the SARS-CoV-2 that was responsible for 120 Covid-19 infections here. “IMR has isolated and […] Read More

Six Novel Strains Of Coronavirus Detected In Bats

Six previously undescribed strains of coronaviruses have been detected in Myanmar bat populations. Though it is unclear whether the new strains are capable of jumping between species or infecting humans, the viruses are not closely related to coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS, or COVID-19. The new findings suggest that it is likely there are thousands of coronaviruses […] Read More

The Corona Virus Data From China Are Completely False And Here’s Why

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 from the epicentre in Wuhan, China, has led to hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases around the world. The medical community, governments, data analysts, and the general public rely on accurate data to make timely assessments and save lives. But the accuracy of official data from the Chinese authorities is routinely […] Read More

While Thousands Of Americans Need Food, Nation’s Largest Farms Are Destroying Millions Of Pounds Of Fresh Goods That They Can No Longer Sell

After the unprecedented floods in 2019 and the resulting destruction of millions of acres of agriculture land, farmers are facing another devastating threat. With restaurants, hotels and schools closed, many of the nation’s largest farms dump thousands of gallons of milk, smash millions of eggs, and plow acres of fresh vegetables that they can no longer […] Read More

Vaccines For Bill Gates Are A Strategic Philanthropy That Gives Him Dictatorial Control Over Global Health Policy

This text was taken from the Instagram account of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., an American environmental attorney, author, and opponent of vaccination… And of course a son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy. Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control […] Read More

U.S. Now Has The Most Coronavirus Deaths, Surpassing Italy!

this is out of control! Read More

Apple and Google debut Bluetooth-based contact-tracing platform to combat Covid-19…and end privacy?

Apple and Google have unveiled an app – soon to be built into their mobile operating systems – that will trace users’ contacts to fight Covid-19. They insist it will be ‘opt-in’ and respect privacy, but we’ve heard that before. The tech giants announced they were working together on a Bluetooth-based contact-tracing app on Friday. […] Read More

Coronavirus: Biometric IDs could be ‘gamechanger’ for tests, vaccines

Digital identity systems are already in use in many countries, linking biometric data such as fingerprints and iris scans to a unique digital code, allowing for remote identification. As countries begin to lift coronavirus lockdowns, biometric identification can help verify those who have already had the infection, and ensure that the vulnerable get the vaccine […] Read More

Trudeau to fund abortion as part of $159 million pledge to fight COVID-19 overseas

Canada’s ‘feminist international assistance approach’ ensures support for ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights.’ Canada’s pledge of $159.5 million to combat the coronavirus in developing countries includes funding for abortion. Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government released details of the funding Sunday. “Canada’s investment … aims to ensure that its international partners can maintain their services for […] Read More

Pope Francis Says Coronavirus Is One of ‘Nature’s Responses’ to Humans Ignoring Climate Change

Pope Francis has said the coronavirus pandemic is one of “nature’s responses” to humans ignoring the current ecological crisis. In an email interview published Wednesday in The Tablet and Commonwealth magazines, the pontiff said the outbreak offered an opportunity to slow down the rate of production and consumption and to learn to understand and contemplate the natural world. […] Read More

Mosque Converted into Factory of Face Mask(Video)

Iranian women volunteered to make face masks and other protective items at the Imamzadeh-Masum mosque in a southwestern district of Tehran, because of the coronavirus crisis. The women normally accompany visitors to the battlefields of the Iran-Iraq war, but now this is not possible because of a travel ban between cities. Lined up like factory […] Read More

Pharmaceutical Firm Behind Potential Coronavirus Cure Derives its Name from Bible

Is there no balm in Gilad? Can no physician be found? Why has healing not yet Come to my poor people? Jeremiah 8:22 (The Israel Bible™) Gilead, the pharmaceutical company behind a potential cure for the Chinese virus derived their name from a largely overlooked passage in the Bible. A Gilead spokesperson told Jewish Insider that their name is […] Read More


Nowtheendbegins – As the NIAID director, Anthony Fauci helped guide the Global Vaccine Action Plan project as a member of its Leadership Team. He was joined by other globalist kingpins including Anthony Lake, Executive Director for UNICEF; Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO; Joy Phumaphi, Chair of the International Advisory Committee and Executive Secretary, African […] Read More

US Hits Almost 2,000 Covid-19 fatalities for 2nd day in a row, as death toll closes in on 15,000

With models predicting that the US is nearly at the peak of its Covid-19 death rate, the country reported almost 2,000 deaths on Wednesday, about the same number as the day prior. The US accounts for about a third of all cases. After smashing its previous single-day death record on Tuesday, nearly crossing the 2,000-fatality […] Read More

Pastor in Cagayan De Oro City arrested for holding church service amid quarantine

Authorities arrested a pastor on Sunday after presiding over a church service with around 500 attendees in Cagayan de Oro City despite a city-wide quarantine. An Evangelical Pastor Alfred Caslam of The Word of God Spirit and Life Ministries Inc. was nabbed for ignoring social distancing measures enforced by city hall to help combat the […] Read More

Spanish Parking Lot converted into Huge Morgue as Covid-19 Deaths Surge (VIDEO)

An indoor parking lot in Barcelona has been converted into a makeshift extension of the morgue, as the city struggles to cope with the death toll from the novel coronavirus. Memora funeral home will be the largest field morgue in Spain, with the capacity for almost 2,000 coffins. Fernando Sanchez, the director of communications for […] Read More

From Health Crisis To Defense Crisis: Corona Attacks And Infests The Only Two U.S. Aircraft Carriers in Western Pacific

There are only two US aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific right now. And both have just reported being overwhelmed by an out-of-control Covid-19 outbreak, with at least 200 sailors with the disease on the USS Theodore Roosevelt in Guam and an unknown number on the USS Ronald Reagan and at the U.S. base in Japan were it’s parked. […] Read More

Russian military plane with masks & other Covid-19 medical aid departs for US – Defense Ministry

A military cargo plane carrying medical supplies to help the US combat the coronavirus outbreak has taken off from an airbase in Russia, after President Trump accepted an offer of assistance from Vladimir Putin. “The plane with masks and medical equipment on board left for the United States,” the Russian Defense Ministry announced in a brief statement early […] Read More


The rituals performed by the Roman Catholic church are not found in the New Testament, they are found partially in the Old Testament, as well as in the mystery religions from ancient Babylon and Egypt. Look at the photo at the top, and you will see Pope Francis holding up a golden sunburst device called […] Read More

New York City Mayor Threatens to “Permanently” Close Places of Worship that Violate His Order

“Satan is still working through every means which he can control to destroy religious liberty”  Welcome to life under lockdown and executive orders. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered all places of worship to close in an effort to slow down the spread of coronavirus infections. In the above video, Bill de […] Read More

Netanyahu ‘won’t go into quarantine’ despite close aide testing virus-positive

A close aide to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tested positive for Covid-19. But the 70-year-old politician is not expected to go into 14-day self-isolation, amid fevered talks on a unity government. Rivka Paluch’s test for the coronavirus came back positive shortly after her husband was taken to hospital with the disease. The veteran […] Read More

Gaza Breaks Coronavirus Quarantine to Fire Rockets at Israel

A rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza on Friday evening despite coronavirus restrictions, sending Israelis from the isolation in their homes into crowded bomb shelters.  “IDF planes and tanks attacked Hamas military positions and infrastructure used for underground activity in the northern Gaza Strip a short time ago,” the IDF spokesperson stated. “The attacks […] Read More

No More Social Distancing when it comes to Toilet Paper

“Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” Matthew 24:12. “And then shall many … shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” Matthew 24:10. I never thought I would live to see this day. In this video we see humans reducing themselves to the law of the jungle. People who […] Read More

The Italian Air Force Flies a Statue of the Virgin Mary over Italy to STOP Coronavirus

A statue of the Virgin Mary is being flown over the cities of Italy in order to combat the coronovirus. A priest is seen holding up the Holy Eucharist while being flown in a military plane by the Italian Air Force. This is how Rome is trying to protect their homeland. The Italian Air Force […] Read More

US coronavirus deaths top 1,000 as the country waits for $2.2 trillion economic rescue package

Deaths from Covid-19 have surpassed 1,000, according to a widely-cited tally, a worrying benchmark in the ongoing health crisis as Washington rushes to provide economic relief to the country’s battered economy. The United States saw its 1,000th fatality on Wednesday night, according to Johns Hopkins University. Confirmed cases have also continued to grow, reaching more […] Read More

Alleged Prophetic Dream Reveals What God Is Saying About Trump and the Coronavirus

Prophet and respected author Jeremiah Johnson says he received a prophetic dream about President Donald Trump and the coronavirus (COVID-19). Johnson shares about the dream, which he received on March 16, on my podcast today. He says that in the dream, he was taken to a baseball stadium, where he saw a slender man who was […] Read More

Over 100,000 People Have Recovered From Coronavirus Around the World

More than 100,000 people have recovered from the novel coronavirus, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University. More cases of the COVID-19, which was first detected in China’s Wuhan city of the Hubei province, have now been confirmed outside the country than within. China has more than 81,400 cases, while nearly 260,000 cases have […] Read More

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz tests positive for coronavirus: ‘The symptoms are so real’

Watch the latest video at A Hillsong Church pastor in New York City announced he tested positive for coronavirus, saying it “took him out,” but he is “good” now. Carl Lentz, lead pastor of Hillsong NYC, made the announcement with Judah Smith, pastor of Churchome, on Instagram Live Monday night. The Sunday after Hillsong NYC closed its doors at United Palace and […] Read More

United Kingdom calls for 250,000 volunteers as virus deaths surge

While the death toll and despair of Italy has captured the attention of many in the World, The number of coronavirus deaths in Britain has jumped on Tuesday, the first day of a national lockdown, and now the government has called for 250,000 volunteers to help combat the outbreak. A temporary hospital is also set to open in London […] Read More

It’s Not “Just The Flu”: Here Is Why You Definitely DO NOT Want To Catch This Coronavirus…

Can you imagine being in “blinding pain” for weeks, constantly gasping for air as you feel like you are being suffocated, and screaming for mercy because you are in so much constant torment?  As you will see below, coronavirus survivors are telling us about their hellish ordeals, and they are warning us to do everything […] Read More

This Is Why People All Over America Are Scared To Death Of Being Tested For The Coronavirus…

How would you feel if you received a bill for more than $34,000 after being tested and treated for the coronavirus? This pandemic is showing the entire world that the U.S. healthcare system is deeply, deeply broken, and there is no way that we can continue to go on like this. If coronavirus testing is quick, […] Read More

United States of America fatalities exceed 100 for first time in a single day, Death toll past 500

The National Guard has begun installing four hospital units for coronavirus patients inside the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.  Dozens of troops arrived at the sprawling 1.3 million-square-foot convention center on Monday morning, hours after Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump confirmed plans to set up 1,000 beds inside.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency is slated to oversee […] Read More

Doctors and nurses “scared to come to work” to treat coronavirus patients because of supply shortages

Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus in the United States say it’s “the first time” they’ve been scared to go to work. With a shortage of personal protective equipment, some have resorted to using bandanas to cover their faces. “It’s the first time we’ve ever been truly scared to come […] Read More

Panic as coronavirus erupts across Africa – ‘People will die on the streets’

With cases of COVID-19 now recorded in more than two dozen African countries, and South Africa imposing a three-week lockdown which comes into force on Thursday, a German epidemiologist fears the disease will hit the continent hard in the summer, warning: “People will die in the streets“. Europe is currently the epicenter of the pandemic, with well over 60,000 […] Read More

12-year-old girl with coronavirus is on a ventilator and fighting for her life

Emma, a 12-year-old girl, is “fighting for her life” in an Atlanta hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus, according to her cousin.Justin Anthony told CNN that Emma was diagnosed with pneumonia on March 15 and tested positive for coronavirus on Friday night. As of Saturday, she was on a ventilator and is currently in stable […] Read More

DOJ seeks new emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic

One of the requests to Congress would allow the department to petition a judge to indefinitely detain someone during an emergency. The Justice Department has quietly asked Congress for the ability to ask chief judges to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies — part of a push for new powers that comes as the […] Read More

New Jersey governor vows to ‘take action’ against people who don’t stay home…

Citizens from New Jersey are being given a stern warning from their Governor. Phil Murphy who reportedly expressed anger this Sunday from reports that he received of people in the state of New Jersey ignoring his stay-at-home order and warned: “We’re going to take action.” Saying he wanted “no gatherings of any kind,” Murphy recently acknowledged the difficulty of enforcing […] Read More

Orders are now being given in Italy not to allow those over 60 access to respiratory machines

Israeli medical doctor Gai Peleg told Israeli television that in northern Italy the orders are not to allow those over 60 access to respiratory machines. Italy suffered more coronavirus-related victims than China with 4,825 confirmed deaths and 5,000 confirmed patients in the last 24 hours, Channel 12 reported on Sunday. Israeli doctor Gai Peleg, who is currently working to save lives […] Read More

Disaster amid pandemic: Croatia deploys army to clean debris, advocates ‘distancing’ after strongest quake in 140yrs

Croatia sent troops to clear rubble in Zagreb after the capital was struck by a series of powerful tremors. The authorities told people to observe social distancing due to the pandemic after initially calling on others to help. Army personnel began working to remove rubble from the city streets hours after Zagreb was rocked by […] Read More

Bill Gates Calls For National Tracking System For Coronavirus

A week after stepping down from the boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway, Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft and the second-richest person in the world with a net worth $97.8 billion, took to reddit for an Ask Me Anything on the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, sharing his thoughts on how best to deal with the outbreak and its possible long-term […] Read More

Local pastor admitted to hospital, put in isolation; wife ‘taking turn for worse

A local pastor has been admitted to the hospital and put into isolation nearly a week after his wife was hospitalized for coronavirus.   On Friday evening, Jeff Spencer, a pastor at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Hobart, shared news on Facebook that his wife’s, Darlene Spencer, health continues to decline.  “I love her and just […] Read More

Why did coronavirus hit hard in Italy and Spain? Some blame a lack of social distancing — and a lot of social kissing.

BARCELONA, Spain — When Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain, a country now in lockdown with over 17,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, took the dais in Parliament in Madrid on Wednesday to announce a $220 billion package to help his country’s tourism-powered economy, warning that “the worst is yet to come,” Micol Maria de Vincenti […] Read More

Nearly one billion people confined to homes globally to curb virus

Close to one billion people worldwide were confined to their homes on Saturday as the global coronavirus death toll shot past 11,000 and US states rolled out lockdown measures already imposed across swathes of Europe. The pandemic has completely upended lives across the planet, restricting movement, shutting schools and forcing millions to work from home. […] Read More

New Jersey top health warns that EVERYONE will eventually contract COVID-19

Nearing the end of another 16-hour day overseeing New Jersey’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Judith Persichilli pauses at the door of her crisis conference room to answer a final question. Persichilli, the state health commissioner, has become a familiar face in the state as the woman who calmly announces how many people have tested positive and died of […] Read More

More men dying from coronavirus than women

More men dying from coronavirus than women, data suggests As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand, data is suggesting that men may be more at risk from the novel virus than women. Check out the surprising finding from data collected from the most impacted countries. Watch the latest video at More than 10,000 people […] Read More

COVID-19 killed residents at a rate of more than one per hour on Friday.

New York City is being hammered by COVID-19 as a new report is indicating that the virus killed city residents at a rate of more than one per hour on Friday. A  report from the NYP, stated that between just 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., on Friday, 14 people in New York City died from the virus, pushing the […] Read More

Paula White cites Old Testament plague to urge believers to call on God: Coronavirus can be stopped

President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, Paula White-Cain, called on Christians to continue praying for an end to the coronavirus pandemic Sunday and referenced the plague God sent on the Israelites for a failed rebellion against His chosen leader, Moses, and his brother, Aaron. Trump proclaimed last Sunday the “National Day of Prayer for all Americans Affected […] Read More

Huge Column Of Military Trucks Is Taking The Coffins Of Those Who Died From Corona in Bergamo, Italy, To Other Cities

Bergamo, Italy: The military is taking the coffins of those who died from Corona to other cities. Because the city’s cremation system is overwhelmed even if running 24/24 and 7/7. This is just terrifying! This impressive column of military vehicles crossed the heart of Bergamo yesterday. Una impressionante colonna di mezzi militari ha attraversato questa […] Read More

California governor orders all 40 million residents to stay at home to limit outbreak

All 40 million residents in the state of California have been ordered to stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The state is one of the worst affected in the US after Washington and New York. There are now 910 coronavirus cases in California, including 19 deaths. New York has at least 5,298 cases, […] Read More

What Is Our Country Going To Look Like If Millions Of Americans Start Dying From The Coronavirus?

Eventually catch COVID-19, and if that actually happens, millions of people are going to die.  Globally, less than 10,000 people have died during this pandemic so far, and the level of fear we are witnessing is off the charts.  The entire western world is shutting down and people are freaking out like we have never […] Read More

Volcano erupts following 4.2 earthquake in Italy amid coronavirus lockdown

As if the people of Italy doesn’t have enough to contend with now, Italy’s Stromboli Volcano has erupted spewing lava and ash, amid a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that also rocked Calabria in the midst of the country continuing its coronavirus lockdown. According to reports, Footage of the volcano eruption emerged on Twitter shortly after midnight there. The Videos […] Read More

Model licks toilet seat in bid to contract virus in sick new “Coronavirus Challenge”

A new dangerous trend is circulating on social media called the “Coronavirus Challenge” where people are challenging one another to try to contract the virus by doing outrageous things! One such example is an Instagram model from Miami, Florida named Ava Louise, a 22-year-old social media influencer who recently filmed herself licking a toilet seat as part of this new challenge in a […] Read More

Is Coronavirus a Sign of the End Times? Billy Graham’s Daughter Answers

If you’re honest with yourself, this question has probably crossed your mind — even if you quickly dismissed it: Could this be a sign of the end times? We’re all camped out at home and this all feels a bit scary. So our minds wander. And when we’re worried, wandering minds can be a dangerous thing. […] Read More

U.S. Virus Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages

WASHINGTON — A federal government plan to combat the coronavirus warned policymakers last week that a pandemic “will last 18 months or longer” and could include “multiple waves,” resulting in widespread shortages that would strain consumers and the nation’s health care system. The 100-page plan, dated Friday, the same day President Trump declared a national emergency, laid out […] Read More

Ten thousand point wipeout: Markets continue downward plunge, as coronavirus fears rattle investors

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis wreaked havoc on global markets, as investors gave a mixed response to stimulus measures and containment efforts. In the US, the Dow Jones closed lower than at any point since Donald Trump’s election. Despite President Donald Trumps’ signing of wartime legislation to address shortages of vital medical equipment, the Dow Jones […] Read More

Italy Death Apocalypse Continues With 475 Dead On Tuesday: Crematoriums Run 24/24, Coffins Fill Up Hospital Morgues, Cemetery Morgue and Cemetery Church, Funerals Without Family Members

After 368 dead on Sunday and 349 dead on Monday, now 475 have died from Covid-19 Tuesday. The Coronavirus deaths are so high in Italy that officials don’t know how to deal with coffins, some places have a waiting list for burials and funerals are happening with no family members there. After 368 dead on Sunday and 349 […] Read More

Another 349 Coronavirus Deaths In One day In Italy – More Than 700 In 48 Hours

Italy has reported more than 700 deaths in two days, including a record 368 in a single day on Sunday. And where do they pile the bodies? Are crematoriums running 24 hours? The Coronavirus pandemic is going completely out-of-control in Italy, with hospitals overcrowded with Covid-19 infected patients, zombie-like medical staff and death rate skyrocketing… Just on […] Read More

Coronavirus calls US’ ‘world’s richest country’ bluff: Will it cling to busted myths or evolve under pressure?

The coronavirus containment measures the US has (belatedly, reluctantly) taken are revealing enormous fissures in its first-world facade, from legions of hungry schoolchildren to their broke parents left to fend for themselves. The US puts a lot of effort into maintaining its image as the world’s richest country, but while it may have the world’s […] Read More

San Francisco Curfew: Residents Banned From Leaving Home After Midnight on Tuesday For Anything But Doctor’s Visits or Grocery Shops to Fight Coronavirus

San Francsisco mayor London Breed is about to announce a lockdown that will last until April 7. People will not be allowed to leave home after midnight on Tuesday for anything but doctors visits or grocery store shops.  Six counties in the wider bay area have told residents to ‘shelter in place’ for all non-essential […] Read More

Stuck at home, Jerusalem neighbors join in balcony Sing-a-long

Using amplifiers and the classic Ehud Manor song ‘Bashana Haba’a,’ a neighborhood joins together during coronavirus outbreak. It was a spontaneous singalong from the balconies of a Jerusalem block on Sunday evening, as musician Ran Yehoshua led his neighbors in a round of “Bashana Haba’a” (Next Year), the classic Israeli song of hope amid crisis. […] Read More

‘Shut It Down’: Colorado Woman In Italy Issues Stark Warning On Coronavirus in USA

From her home in Garda, Italy, Shannon Unks, a CU graduate and former Colorado resident, has a harsh warning for Colorado residents: “Don’t do anything- don’t go to the cinemas, stay home, shut it down.” As of Friday afternoon, there were one death and 77 cases of coronavirus in Colorado. Via Skype, Unks told CBS4 […] Read More

Rabbi Warns Vatican: Return Temple Vessels or Corona-Virus in Rome Worsens

As the COVID-19 crisis worsens worldwide, the Nation of Israel requests that the Vatican immediately return to Jerusalem the Temple vessels that have been stored in Rome for nearly 2000 years.  Rabbi Levi Sudri, an award-winning Bible expert, noted that a divine message must surely be contained within the coronavirus. “It is clear to everyone that we are living […] Read More

Italy Records 368 Deaths in 24 Hours Or 15 Italians Dying Every Hour

This is not an epidemic anymore… It’s a slaughter! Italy records 368 deaths in 24 hours: 15 Italians now dying every hour The Italian government reported 368 new deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday, the largest 24-hour increase since the country confirmed its first case. Moreover, the numbercases of COVID-19 in Italy has surged higher again: […] Read More

President Trump’s Declares National Day of Prayer Proclamation for all Americans Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION In our times of greatest need, Americans have always turned to prayer to help guide us through trials and periods of uncertainty.  As we continue to face the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are unable to gather in their […] Read More

Amid The Lockdown In Italy, Citizens Sing Together From Houses Along Empty Streets To Warm Their Hearts and Souls (Videos)

Imagine the whole world singing like this from their houses. No hate, no nothing. Just unified for once. The Italian nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the Covid-19 disease brings Italy to a halt. But today, in a beautiful act of solidarity, residents of Siena and other cities decided to sing and fill their […] Read More

North Korea: About 200 Soldiers Die From Coronavirus and Another 4,000 Quarantined While Officials Continue to Claim Covid-19 Disease Did Not Flow Into the Country Yet

Almost 200 North Korean soldiers have reportedly died from the coronavirus, while thousands more are in quarantine. The government won’t acknowledge they even exist. North Korea has become one of the most troubling blind spots in the international response to the spread of the coronavirus. There is no information about how the country has been affected […] Read More

Turkish FM hits back at Greek counterpart as Ankara & Athens clash over Erdogan’s ‘Nazi’ comments

Turkey’s foreign minister has doubled down on Ankara’s claim that Greece is using Nazi-like tactics against migrants, tweeting a widely-cited NY Times article at his Greek counterpart. Athens insists the article is untrue. Mevlut Cavusoglu appeared to be unmoved by Athens’ condemnation of remarks made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who compared Greece’s treatment […] Read More

Kim Jong Un Responds to Coronavirus With… Missile Launches

The North Korean leader is so keen to project himself as an immortal being that he can’t be photographed wearing a mask. North Koreans are reported to be dying in large numbers from the spreading novel coronavirus, but their leader Kim Jong Un is making a show of his god-like invulnerability, photographed with no protective face mask […] Read More

What Aggressive Coronavirus Lockdown Might Look Like in the U.S.

From limiting movement in or out of large apartments or dormitories to an Italy-style emergency, experts break down what seems to be coming. As residents of Washington and New York battled the two largest clusters of the 2019 novel coronavirus in the United States, new restrictions on public assembly meant to ease the deadly crisis raised the […] Read More

Global markets crash as US bans European flights over CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the world’s financial markets after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a pandemic, and the US banned all European flights. European stocks opened sharply lower on Thursday with the London FTSE down over five percent. Jet engine maker Rolls-Royce led the losses, as the company’s shares were down […] Read More

Most Americans could be exposed to Coronavirus,German Chancellor warns 58 million people could be infected

A member of Congress who attended the closed-door briefing where the assessment was made called the prediction “sobering.” Last week, Republican members of Congress heard a sober warning in a closed-door briefing on Capitol Hill: There’s a good chance most people in the United States will eventually be exposed to the novel coronavirus, according to one […] Read More

Duterte will be tested for COVID 19 as officials go on self-quarantine, offices shut

The Philippines on Thursday awaited test results of President Rodrigo Duterte for coronavirus infection, as top officials went on self-quarantine as a precaution against the spread of the disease. The 74-year-old Duterte was in the same March 5 infrastructure event as a confirmed case of COVID-19, along with Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, Transportation Secretary Arthur […] Read More

Coronavirus x-rays show terrifying damage in lungs of Covid-19 victims

The CT scans and x-rays of coronavirus sufferers’ lungs – taken after they came down with symptoms such as a fever and cough – show a pattern of abnormalities similar to SARS and MERS These x-ray images show the damage that coronavirus is doing to the lungs of people who catch the potentially deadly bug. Doctors have […] Read More

Coronavirus Closings: NY, NJ schools and universities closed amid COVID-19 outbreak

NEW YORK (WABC) — School closings are following the coronavirus outbreak that continues to impact the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region, with more schools and universities closing or announcing modifications to lessen the risk of community spread. All CUNY and SUNY schools will close on March 19, moving to online classes. New York […] Read More

NBA suspends season after Rudy Gobert reportedly tests positive for coronavirus

The NBA announced on Wednesday that it is suspending its season until further notice after a player tested positive for the coronavirus. “The NBA announced that a player on the Utah Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19,” an NBA statement reads. The test result was reported shortly prior to the tip-off of tonight’s game between […] Read More

One Pastor’s Advice To Church Members On Preparing For The Pandemic: From Sheltering In Place To Bugging Out, We’ll All Have A Decision To Make Unless It’s Taken From Us

– If Even One Member Of A Household Is Uncommitted Or Careless, The Entire Household Is Vulnerable  (ANP: The following coronavirus advice ‘Brother Scott’ recently shared with his church members he also emailed to ANP regarding the gathering dangers of what has now officially been declared a pandemic. As always, readers are free to use his advice or […] Read More

Actor Tom Hanks & His Wife Rita Wilson Test Positive For Coronavirus in Australia

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks has become the latest high-profile victim of the Covid-19, announcing on social media that he and his wife were feeling under the weather before they were tested positive for the virus in Australia. Hanks, who has been on a trip to Australia working on pre-production of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic, […] Read More

President Donald Trump suspends ALL travel from Europe for 30 days due to Coronavirus

Travel suspension begins midnight Friday, excludes the U.K. US President Donald Trump has announced that all travel from Europe to the United States will be temporarily halted for a period of 30 days, in the most significant measure yet taken to stem the spread of the lethal coronavirus. In an address to the nation on Wednesday […] Read More

Deadly Outbreak of Dengue Fever Across South East Asia Hampers Coronavirus Detection – More Than 100 Dead and 16,000 Infected in Indonesia

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have only reported relatively few virus cases, although close to China… Now, scientists warn that some Covid-19 cases are being missed due to the simultaneous outbreak of Dengue fever which has already killed 100 and infected 16,000 in Indonesia. A team of Singapore-based doctors said the dengue outbreaks in […] Read More

WHO declares coronavirus global ‘pandemic’ – 10 times more lethal than seasonal flu

The World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global “pandemic.” During a media briefing Wednesday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO, said there are now more than 118,000 cases of COVID-19 in 114 countries, with 4,291 deaths. He said in the days and weeks ahead, they expect to see the number of cases and deaths […] Read More

Citing Coronavirus California Megachurch Cancels ‘Faith-Healing’ Hospital Visits

Oh Ye Of Little Faith: Bethel Church, a “faith-healing” California megachurch that teaches that the power of prayer can “raise the dead and cure the sick,” admits that they are no match for the coronavirus. Raw Story reports: A megachurch in California that regularly conducts “faith-healing” sessions at local hospitals apparently doesn’t believe the power of […] Read More

Italy Coronavirus: This Guy Was Trapped at Home With His Dead Sister During 36 Hours Without Help Before He Published this Horrifying Video

He called officials and doctors for help but no one came to assist. His sister lies dead in the bed behind him. According to the video uploader, the short film was shot in Napoli. That’s in the south of Italy and shows the Covid-19 has already invaded this part of the country. His sister, killed […] Read More

Trump’s former pandemic adviser is warning that “we are 10 days from our hospitals getting creamed”

Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus are swiftly ballooning across the United States, and President Trump’s former Homeland Security Adviser Thomas Bossert says time is running out to control the spread. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D), who is overseeing one of the country’s largest clusters, said “if you do the math” there could be 64,000 cases of […] Read More

Iran Coronavirus: Mass Graves Are Being Dug and at Least 27 Killed by Alcohol Poisoning After Trying to Cure Themselves From Coronavirus

With the outbreak of Covid-19 in Iran, rumors and unscientific treatments on how to fight the virus have spread on social media. Among them was drinking alcohol. And some Iranians were crazy enough to drink industrial alcohol (methanol) sold in the market for sanitizing purposes. Some got blind and others are in critical condition. At least […] Read More

Europe told to act now as coronavirus locks down north Italy and markets plunge

Italy’s prime minister promised “massive shock therapy” to beat the coronavirus on Monday and urged Europe to act decisively after markets plunged and his country sealed off much of its wealthy industrial north. France echoed Giuseppe Conte’s call for action, saying Europe must come up with a “strong, massive and coordinated response” and euro zone […] Read More

Philippines DOH Announces 10 New Cases of COVID-19, PH Total Now is 20

The Department of Health said Monday the Philippines recorded 10 additional COVID-19 cases, all Filipinos, with ages ranging between 24 to 72.  “The Department of Health reported 10 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), on top of the 4 new cases announced yesterday March 8, 2020,” Health Assistant Secretary Maria Rosario Vergeire […] Read More

Rabbi Reveals The Cure For Coronavirus Can Be Found in the Book of Samuel

Rabbi Shlomo Khaimov revealed in a video address that the cure for coronavirus can be found in the book of kings. The rabbi notes that during the time of King David, there was also a plague whereby “everyday dozens and dozens of people were dying.” Hashem sent a pestilence upon Yisrael from morning until the set time; and […] Read More

13 American Christian Pilgrims Stuck in Bethlehem Quarantine Amid Coronavirus Fears

The Palestinian Authority announced on Saturday that 13 Christian American tourists were being quarantined for 14 days at the Angel Hotel in Beit Jala adjacent to Bethlehem after being tested for the coronavirus. The tourists were part of a group from the 3 Circle Church in Fairhope, Alabama. The church’s lead pastor, Chris Bell, is part […] Read More

40% of Tehran’s Residents will Catch Coronavirus within Two Weeks

Iran estimates that 40% of its residents residing in the country’s capital, Tehran, will be infected with the Coronavirus within just two weeks. The Islamic Republic has already begun taking steps such as eliminating Friday prayers, shutting down tourist attractions and canceling New Year’s celebrations. These are just a few of the initiatives that the […] Read More

Confirmed Coronavirus May Force Americans to Avoid Crowds and Cancel Cruises; U.S. Cases Near 550

Older Americans, especially those with chronic medical concerns, should probably avoid big social gatherings and airline flights, given the rapid spread of coronavirus, a top U.S. health official said on Sunday, as investors braced for another volatile week in financial markets. Anthony Fauci, the head of the infectious diseases unit at the National Institutes of […] Read More

Duterte will Declare COVID-19 state of Public Health Emergency on Monday

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, March 9, will sign an executive order declaring a state of public health emergency due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a local transmission of which was confirmed this weekend, Malacañang said Sunday. Duterte’s move comes “after considering all critical factors with the aim of safeguarding the health of the […] Read More