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Mother Nature can be Cruel and Terrifying and Must be Subdued, Not Worshiped

Environmentalism is the new religion that unites humanity with the natural world. It is being promoted everywhere. It is in the public schools and in the entertainment industries. It is found throughout society and even in the churches. The climate change message has become the basis for the new universal push for pantheism – a […] Read More

Pope Calls Coronavirus “Nature’s Response”: No Mention of God

Pope Francis claims that the coronavirus pandemic is one of “nature’s responses” to people ignoring the current environmental crisis reports CNN. During an email interview, the pontiff stated that the outbreak provided an opportunity to slow the rate of production and consumption. The pontiff added that people could also learn to understand and contemplate the natural […] Read More

Wall Street Titans See the Light Through the Smog: The Climate Change Stories We’re Reading

JP Morgan has an epiphany and scientists try to jolt the world into sobriety: Here are the climate change stories Haaretz didn’t report on this week – but that are worth knowing The seawall and the snag Sea levels are going to continue rising even if we stop emissions instantly because of lags between carbon […] Read More