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Pastor stabbed and set on fire by man she was trying to help

ATLANTA (CBS46/Gray News) – A Georgia pastor is dead after being stabbed and burned by a man she was trying to help, according to police. The DeKalb County Police Department said 27-year-old Christopher Griggs stabbed 57-year-old Rev. Marita Harrell in his Atlanta home on Wednesday before abandoning her body on the side of a road. […] Read More

Twitter threatens news outlet with ‘permanent ban’ for showing photo of baby illegally aborted

Twitter has again been accused of “leftist censorship,” this time for threatening to permanently ban the account of a pro-life news outlet that showed an image of a full-term baby it suspects was illegally aborted at a clinic in the nation’s capital. Life News announced on its Twitter account Monday that the social media giant “locked our account and threatened […] Read More

China has now banned the word ‘Christ’ on Social Media platforms claiming it causes ‘Incitement’

China has banned “Christ” and other religious words from social media apps under a new policy that went into effect on March 1. According to a new report, the policy also requires licensing and training to post Christian and religious content on the internet. The Chinese Communist Party’s new law – dubbed the “Measures for […] Read More

Christian YouTuber in Indonesia Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for offending Muslims across Indonesia

Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on April 6, an Indonesian Christian YouTuber was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a viral YouTube video that allegedly offended Muslims across Indonesia. Muhammad Kace, 56, is a former Muslim cleric who converted to Christianity in 2014. After his conversion, he […] Read More

Myanmar military shells Catholic cathedral for second time in 5 months

Myanmar’s security forces reportedly shelled a Catholic cathedral in the northeastern Shan state for the second time in five months as they continue to fight local militias, targeting Catholic churches and convents and displacing more than 10,000 people. The military fired heavy artillery targeting Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in the Diocese of Pekhon last […] Read More

Gunmen kill 2 of 66 kidnapped Baptist church members in Nigeria; 3 injured

Armed bandits in Nigeria’s Kaduna State have killed two of the more than 60 worshipers of Emmanuel Baptist Church whom they had kidnapped during a church service about two weeks ago, a local Christian leader has confirmed. “The bandits opened fire on five of their victims … and killed two people while three others were […] Read More

Prophetic Dream: Church Persecution in Rwanda

Hello Admin,I didn’t know how to post this revelation on your Facebook page. I feel that it should be shared so that we may unite in prayer and fulfill God’s call. I hope that you will find it worth sharing. By the grace, might, and will of Jehovah God Almighty, our Father, I had a […] Read More

China increases surveillance of pastors, tests loyalty to communist party

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has voiced concern about measures adopted by the Chinese government this year to further tighten state control over government-sanctioned churches, including requiring full support of the Chinese Communist Party and banning religious activity by house churches. The regulations, called the Measures on the Management of Religious Clergy, supplement […] Read More

Churches worldwide unite in prayer for 340 million Christians persecuted for their faith in Christ

To observe the annual International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted on Sunday, churches around the world are praying for more than 340 million Christians who are persecuted or oppressed because of their faith. Marking the IDOP 2021, the U.S.-based persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern said, “the number one thing persecuted Christians ask for is […] Read More

Pastor gunned down in Church parking lot while holding his bible

Friends and loved ones are mourning the senseless murder of a California pastor who was gunned down Sunday after teaching a Bible study. Joe Moore, 65, pastor of the Upper Room Christian Church in Compton, California, was killed while walking to his vehicle, with KTLA-TV reporting that he was carrying a Bible in one hand and his […] Read More

Apple removes Quran app and Bible app in China following the request of Chinese Communist officials

Apple has taken down one of the world’s most popular Quran apps in China, following a request from officials. Quran Majeed is available across the world on the App Store – and has nearly 150,000 reviews. It is used by millions of Muslims. The BBC understands that the app was removed for hosting illegal religious […] Read More

Deep In Hiding, Afghan Christians Cling To Faith

They take turns staying awake, praying and walking the floor while others sleep — blissfully unaware, at least for a few hours, that they are being hunted. They have no passports, no visas, and very little of what they need most of all: hope.  For these Christians, in a safe house deep in Afghanistan, time […] Read More

Proof of Vaccine in now required to enter places of Worship in Nigeria

‘We have made adequate arrangements with security to prevent anybody who does not have a vaccination card from accessing any of these events,’ Edo Governor Godwin Obeski said. EDO, Nigeria (The Remnants) – The governor of the Nigerian state of Edo, Godwin Obeski, who works closely with the World Bank, announced to his citizens that […] Read More

A 16 year old Pastor in India was thrown with Acid for doing Prayer Meetings

It’s one thing to hear reports about our brothers and sisters around the world being persecuted for their faith. It’s another to receive a firsthand report from friends, replete with graphic pictures. But that’s what happened to me last week when some of my closest friends in the world, Christian colleagues in India, sent me […] Read More

Youtube will now flag and strike any videos and channels that promote “Prayer” for COVID under new policy

The Remants – It appears that Churches, Ministries, and Ministers will now be placed in the spotlight at an even greater level. Buckle up because things are changing fast! Google has recently updated its terms and policy violations to reveal that it will no longer allow prayer as a means of treatment for COVID-19. Under their terms and […] Read More

12 Things to do to Overcome Persecution at Home for Young Christians

Christians are called to live for Jesus, and follow him in everything they do. But what exactly does it mean to live for Jesus, and how do you do it? The best way is to look in the Bible for examples of how Christ lived, and try to be as much like him as possible. […] Read More

Christian pastor killed over outreach to Muslims: ‘Today Allah has judged you’

A radical Muslim has confessed to police in Uganda that he killed a 70-year-old pastor earlier this month because of Allah’s word to kill all infidels who mislead Muslims by sharing the Gospel. The accused, identified as Imam Uthman Olingha, told police he killed Bishop Francis Obo, senior pastor of Mpingire Pentecostal Revival Church Ministries International […] Read More

Nevada to pay church $175K for legal battle over COVID-19 worship restrictions

Nevada has agreed to pay a church $175,000 for legal fees incurred during its legal battle against the state’s worship restrictions enacted during the coronavirus pandemic. The Nevada Board of Examiners unanimously approved a request on Tuesday morning from the Office of the Attorney General to pay a tort claim to Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley. […] Read More

A Pro-Israel Page was shut down by Facebook amid alleged anti-Semitic cyberattack

A pro-Israel, evangelical Zionist Facebook page for prayer and worship with around 76 million “likes” was banned after it claims to have been inundated by a cyberattack of over 2 million comments, many of which were anti-Semitic in nature.  Mike Evans, an American pastor and founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center and the […] Read More

Glenn Beck Warns Christians: ‘The Time of Easy Christianity Is Over’

CBN News recently conducted an interview with well-known conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck where he gave a  chilling warning that the era of “easy Christianity is over.” Beck stated:  “We are going to face some of the toughest times, I think, in all of Christianity in the next few years,” he told Faithwire managing editor Dan […] Read More


Nowtheendbegins – The original agreement was “secret” and the details of the accord were never made public. Thursday’s announcement added no new information regarding exactly how much authority the Vatican has yielded to the CCP in the naming of bishops. Critics of the agreement have noted that persecution of religious believers in China has not […] Read More

WATCH: Christians Arrested While Singing Hymns in Idaho

At least five Christians were arrested during a hymn sing in the parking lot of city hall in Moscow, Idaho. Hands up, don’t sing. One of the individuals cited was Latah County Commission candidate Gabriel Rench. The five individuals were cited for being in violation of Moscow’s mask/social distancing order, Moscow Police Chief James Fry told […] Read More

High school football coach fired for praying after games loses again in federal court

After the U.S. Supreme Court sent his case back to a lower court last year, a federal judge ruled this week that a school district in Washington state was within its right to prohibit high school football coach Joe Kennedy from kneeling in prayer on the 50-yard-line after games. Federal Judge Ronald Leighton granted Bremerton […] Read More

Europe Leaving Christianity for ‘Paganism’

Martyr’s Free Church in Edinburgh is part of the rich history of Christianity in Scotland. Today it’s “Frankenstein,” a bar that describes itself as a family-friendly venue but also a place for stag parties, bar top dancers and monsters.  St Paul’s Church in Bristol, England is now a school for circus performers.  And in Llanera, […] Read More

Al-Shabaab warns all Christians to leave northeastern Kenya immediately

The Somalia-based al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab has “ordered” Christians to leave three counties in northeastern Kenya to allow local Muslims to get all local jobs, according to the U.S.-based persecution watchdog International Christian Concern. “Muslim teachers, doctors, engineers, and young graduates from the northeastern province are unemployed. Isn’t it better to give them a chance? There is […] Read More

Christianity crackdown:Nine pastors beaten by police in India for preaching the Gospel of God

A GROUP of nine Christians were assaulted by Indian police over claims they were trying to force people to change religions. Religious freedom charity Christian Solidarity Worldwide reported nine pastors, including one man with disabilities, were violently assaulted on February 21. The incident happened in the town of Sathankulam in Tamil Nadu State. The pastors […] Read More

‘When He Refused to Deny Christ, They Cut Off His Right Hand’: Nigerian Christians Face Horrific Attacks

ABUJA, NIGERIA –  It’s Sunday morning in Nigeria, and Christians across the country are heading to church. As part of the continent’s largest Christian community, believers here have their choice of places to worship. Here at Family Worship Center, led by Pastor Sarah Omakwu, a graduate of Regent University, thousands lift their hands in praise.  […] Read More

Boko Haram Invaded and Burned Five Christian Churches in Nigeria

More than 100 Boko Haram militants opened fire sporadically and indiscriminately and set churches and houses on fire, killing many people, in the town of Garkida in Gombi area of the northeastern state of Adamawa, according to initial reports. At least five churches were destroyed, including two houses of worship belonging to the Church of […] Read More

Elderly pastor brutally beaten, mocked by Hindu extremists: ‘I am ready to die for Christ’

HYDERABAD, India (Morning Star News) – Attacks and harassment of a house church in southern India have decimated the 40-member congregation and left the pastor injured and demoralized. Pastor Eswara Rao Appalabattula on Jan. 27 pleaded with about a dozen local residents to stop building a wall meant to block people from attending worship services at his […] Read More

Dozens of Worshipers massacred in Church Service in West Africa

Local pastor among 24 dead as armed men target Protestant church in Yagha province as religious attacks continue. At least 24 people were killed after unidentified gunmen attacked a church in northern Burkina Faso, officials said on Monday, in the latest assault against places of worship in the West African nation. The attack took place on […] Read More

PRAY: China Appoints Notoriously Anti-Christian Official to Oversee Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s faith community is reeling the Chinese government announced the appointment of a notoriously anti-Christian official to oversee the cabinet-level office of Hong Kong and Macau affairs. Xia Baolong, the vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, is well-known known for enacting policies that are specifically aimed at oppressing followers of Jesus. The 67-year-old […] Read More

Former Pastor has taken his own life, Wife and son also found shot dead

Authorities say former pastor and Attack Poverty CEO Richard Logan, 53, (L) fatally shot himself on Tuesday February 11, 2020. His wife Diana (R), 48, and son Aaron (2nd L) were also found dead inside the family home in Sugar Land, Texas. The couple’s daughter Ambrielle (2nd R) was away at college during the tragedy.  […] Read More

Christians in Northern India Arrested on False Forced Conversion Charges

12/09/2019 India (International Christian Concern) – On November 26, three Christians, including two pastors, for India’s Uttar Pradesh state were falsely accused of engaging in forced conversions to Christianity by radical Hindu nationalists. These false accusations led to the arrest of all three Christians who remain imprisoned on false charges. According to Pastor Ramjit, a local […] Read More

House church closed and 11 Christians injured in China by 300 officials

(Lanxi, Zhejiang—February 13, 2020) On December 1, 2019, hundreds of government and public security personnel were dispatched to close a house church in Lanxi and disperse the 30 Christians who were gathering. During the incident, 11 church members were seriously injured and the church assets confiscated. On the morning of the incident, Lanxi officials sent […] Read More

Pastor of 7 Family Members Killed in Fire: ‘We Have Real Pain, but We Have Hope in Jesus’

A Christian mother and her six children died in a house fire over the weekend near Clinton, Miss. Now the family’s pastor is speaking out to CBN News about the deep grief as well as the abiding faith that’s carrying the family and church through this tragedy. The mom, Brittany Presley, and her children died […] Read More

Christians are being captured and killed across the globe

Millions of Christians across the globe live in perpetual fear that they will be punished, harmed — or even killed — for merely practicing their faith. Worldwide persecution continues to be at a fevered pitch, with varying degrees of affliction for those who openly embrace the Bible. Learn more about the horrors of Christian persecution: […] Read More

Australian town on lock down after bat plague of biblical proportions invade Queensland

Fires, Hail storms, dust storms and now a bat plague of “Biblical Proportions” is filing the skies above Ingham, Queensland, and there are so many bats that locals are reporting that the local hospital’s helicopter was not even able to land and parents are afraid to send their children to school. The skies above Ingham, Queensland, are so […] Read More

‘Pray that the Lord Would Use Me’: Pastor Sentenced to 9 Years, Seeks to Reach His Communist Captors

A court in China has sentenced a prominent pastor to nine years in prison on charges of “inciting subversion of state power” and “illegal business operations.” Pastor Wang Yi led the Early Rain Covenant Church, one of the most prominent underground churches in China. China Aid reported that Wang and 100 other members of his church […] Read More

3 dead, including gunman, in Texas church service shooting

Three people including the assailant are dead after a shooter opened fire during Sunday morning service at a church near Fort Worth, Texas. The gunman was killed by an armed church member. The attack took place at West Freeway Church of Christ in the city of White Settlement. The incident was captured on video as […] Read More