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First human patient has been injected with ‘revolutionary’ cancer-killing virus after tests were successful on animals with various cancers

Scientists have injected the first human patient with a new ‘cancer-killing virus’ that has been shown to shrink solid tumours in animals. The virus, known as Vaxinia, has been genetically engineered to infect, replicate in and kill cancer cells, while sparing healthy cells. Tests on animals have shown it is able to reduce the size of colon, […] Read More

Ravi Zacharias Reveals He Has Rare Cancer, Asks for Prayers to Reduce Pain

World-renowned Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias announced in a Facebook post Thursday that he has a malignant tumor of the sacrum, a very rare cancer called Sarcoma. “We wanted to give you an update on my health, as we know so many of you have been praying and we are so grateful. As many of you […] Read More