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Why Is California Being Forced To Go Through Yet Another Historic Nightmare?

For years, bad things have been happening to California.  Is there a reason why the state is being forced to endure crisis after crisis?  This week, an unprecedented heat wave is making headlines all over the globe.  Over a million California residents experienced high temperatures of at least 110 degrees on Tuesday, and Wednesday was […] Read More

California farm town lurches from no water to polluted water

TEVISTON, Calif., Nov 2 (The Remnants) – The San Joaquin Valley farm town of Teviston has two wells. One went dry and the other is contaminated. The one functioning well failed just at the start of summer, depriving the hot and dusty hamlet of running water for weeks. With temperatures routinely soaring above 90 degrees […] Read More

Mega Drought in California despite last week bomb cyclone and atmospheric river – Largest reservoirs very low

It’s going to take a lot more than one storm to erase the long-term drought across California, but the former bomb cyclone that marched into the West Coast sure did help. While another storm of that magnitude is not expected to slam into the West Coast this upcoming week, there will be multiple rounds of wet weather […] Read More

California gets prepared for the Big One! Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill going on right now as new study finds strong jolt would knock out cell service, communications

The next big one, it’s not a matter of if. We all know it’s a matter of when! People in government offices, businesses and schools throughout Southern California will stop everything for a minute Thursday to “drop, cover and hold on” during a statewide earthquake preparedness drill, now in its 13th year. The Great California […] Read More

Despite preparation, California pipeline operator may have taken hours to stop leak

LOS ANGELES, Oct 8 (The Remnants) – The company that operates the pipeline that spilled an estimated 3,000 barrels of oil into the Pacific Ocean off California has an 800-page manual on handling an oil spill – but it is unclear whether its employees followed those procedures. Houston-based Amplify Energy Corp and several state and […] Read More

Dixie Fire is blazing its way to becoming California’s biggest inferno ever

The Dixie Fire in northern California is on its way to becoming the largest wildfire in the state’s history, officials say. It has burned 917,579 acres and was only 59% contained as of Tuesday. Currently, the largest fire by acreage for the state is the August Complex, which burned 1,032,648 acres in 2020. As the […] Read More

Thousands evacuate fast-moving California wildfire; homes burn

COLFAX, California, Aug 4 – A rapidly spreading wildfire burned homes and forced thousands to evacuate in two heavily wooded counties northeast of Sacramento in Northern California on Wednesday, generating a towering plume of smoke visible from at least 70 miles (110 km) away. The so-called River Fire scorched 1,400 acres (566 hectares) in Placer […] Read More

Massive Drought hits California Reservoir Prompting Hydro Plant to Shutdown

Water in a key California reservoir will fall so low this summer that its hydroelectric power plant will be forced to shut down for the first time, officials said Thursday, straining the state’s already-taxed electric grid. An unrelenting drought and record heat, both worsened by the changing climate, have pushed the water supply at Northern California’s Lake Oroville […] Read More

Full moon glows Blood Red as it rises into California’s inferno

There was no eclipse on September 30, 2020. But still, as the full moon rose on that day, California’s wildfire-smoke-infused skies caused it to glow a vibrant red over Mount Shasta. And that’s really an eerie sight to see in California… Yes, wildfires in the state have given the moon a blood-red cast. The smoke […] Read More

Massive chunks of ash fall from the sky across Santa Rosa, California as ‘wildfire’ attacks the area

Massive ash fell yesterday across Santa Rosa, California as a result of the ongoing raging wildfire that’s growing and threatening the area! The GlassFire has burned more than 42,000 acres with nearly 70,000 residents being forced to evacuate. Currently 0% contained. The pictures were captured by Morgan Balaei. MASSIVE Ash fell yesterday across Santa Rosa, […] Read More

Californian growers terrified about wildfires destroying their pot plants

Smoking weed is the newest worry for California firefighters as the state’s biggest wildfire races toward the nation’s biggest marijuana-producing region. The wildfire is headed for Post Mountain and Trinity Pines, two small communities northwest of Sacramento that lie in the heart of cannabis country, the Associated Press reported. And many of the locals — up […] Read More

California Wildfire Burning Right now and almost 1000 killed with its Smoke

Five of the six largest wildfires in California state history have been sparked in the past two months — and they’re all still raging. The state’s most aggressive fire, August Complex, has so far scorched nearly 860,000 acres of NorCal’s Tehama County — nearly doubling the now second-largest Mendocino Complex in 2018. Rounding out the all-time top six are […] Read More

California weaponized fires burn an apocalyptic record of 2 million of acres and it’s not finished yet

Wildfires have burned a record 2 million acres in California this year, and the danger for more destruction is so high the U.S. Forest Service on Monday said it was closing all eight national forests in the southern half of the state. #CreekFire This is what #YosemitePark looks like. @YosemiteNPS— Viviana Tirado 🌸 (@VTiradoM) September […] Read More

California bans singing in places of worship over coronavirus fears

You can attend Church service in California but forget about signing with or without a mask on. According to a report from CNN, In efforts to curb a rapidly worsening pandemic, the state of California has temporarily banned singing and chanting in places of worship. According to an official statement from the Department of Public Health […] Read More

Growing unrest continues with California stay-home order

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Californians weary of stay-at-home orders that have left millions unemployed staged displays of defiance Friday, with hundreds of flag-waving protesters gathering at the Capitol and along a famed Southern California beach, while a sparsely populated county on the Oregon border allowed diners back in restaurants and reopened other businesses. While much […] Read More

Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes the coast of Northern California

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake reportedly struck off the coast of Northern California on Sunday morning in the Pacific Ocean off Humboldt County rattling the Northern California coastline, according to the USGS. Many residents from as far away as Chico and Crescent City reported feeling the earthquake with most reports coming from Eureka and Arcata. There were no reports of […] Read More

California 108,000 Homeless People Could Be What Finally Breaks Hospitals

There are approximately 108,000 homeless people across California. And according to recent models about 60,000 homeless people could be impacted by the current pandemic in the next eight weeks. And then it’s the end… The catastrophic potential is painful to consider. State models show that 60,000 homeless people could be hit by the novel coronavirus, […] Read More

California governor orders all 40 million residents to stay at home to limit outbreak

All 40 million residents in the state of California have been ordered to stay home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The state is one of the worst affected in the US after Washington and New York. There are now 910 coronavirus cases in California, including 19 deaths. New York has at least 5,298 cases, […] Read More

Earthquake Swarm hits Off Petrolia, California on the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Mendocino Fracture Zone

A series of 8 earthquakes hit the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Mendocino Fracture zone on March 8, 2020. The biggest quake of the swarm was a M5.8 followed by a M4.9 three hours later. The very shallow (2.2km or 1.4 miles deep) M5.8 earthquake hit the Mendocino fracture zone on March 8 2020 at […] Read More

Violent Storm Coming Off U.S. East Coast Generating Hurricane-Force Winds and Gigantic Waves

A rapidly intensifying bombogenesis is developing along the US East Coast. The system generated violent hurricane-force winds around the core and major waves offshore. The central pressure of this storm system plunged more than 40 millibars from Friday morning (1004mb at 7am) to early Saturday (959mb by 3am). Kaboom! That’s more than enough to satisfy […] Read More

California Declares Emergency Over Coronavirus as Death Toll Rises in U.S.

The U.S. death toll from coronavirus infections rose to 11 on Wednesday as new cases emerged around New York City and Los Angeles, while Seattle-area health officials sought to allay anxiety and discourage social gatherings amid the nation’s largest outbreak. The first California death from the virus was an elderly person in Placer County, near […] Read More

33 People Positive in California For Covid19 and is Monitoring at least 8,400 People More

A new report released today from California Governor Gavin Newsom indicated that the state is currently monitoring at least 8,400 people for COVID-19. This report literally comes only 24 hours after health officials confirmed the first possible community transmission of the virus in a Solano County resident. California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that 33 people have tested positive […] Read More

Massive 40,000 Bees Attack Firefighters and Police in California

A massive swarm of 40,000 bees has reportedly attacked police and firefighters forcing the closure of a street in Pasadena, California, according to reports. Among those attacked were two firefighters and a police officer among five people sent to the hospital with multiple stings. They were responding to a report of a single bee sting. But their problem was about to get a […] Read More

California pastor gives controversial “prophetic word” about Trump

Shawn Bolz, a prominent pastor in Los Angeles who has prophesied about many things from Kanye West to President Trump, told Fox News his number one mission is to make hearing from God normal for everyone. The 45-year-old Christian author and speaker acknowledged that when most people think of prophecy, or “hearing from God,” they […] Read More

After 100,000 Earthquakes in California, The Big One is Coming says Geologist

After a bit less than 6 months and more than 100,000 aftershocks after the Ridgecrest event… Southern California geologists are waiting in fear for the next Big One. In July 2019, within two days, a M6.4 and a M7.1 earthquakes hit the Surles Valley in Southern California. The resulting swarmageddon, or the series of aftershocks […] Read More

Wildfires in California – God’s Judgement

Fast-growing fires throughout California forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes Thursday as dry winds and high heat fed flames and fears in the state still jittery from devastating wildfires in the past two years. The dramatic fires and evacuations — near Los Angeles and in the wine country of Northern California […] Read More