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China has just reported the first human case of H3N8 bird flu

BEIJING (REUTERS) – China has recorded the first human infection with the H3N8 strain of bird flu, the country’s health authority said on Tuesday (April 26), but said the risk of it spreading among people was low. A four-year-old boy from central Henan province was found to have been infected with the variant after developing […] Read More

Nearly 17 Million Dead Chickens And Turkeys And Counting – America’s Bird Flu Pandemic Reaches The “Catastrophic” Stage

Can you imagine what this country is going to look like if we have severe shortages of chicken and turkey by the end of the year?  I don’t know why more people are not alarmed about the horrific bird flu pandemic that is sweeping across America like wildfire right now.  On February 8th, the very […] Read More

Bird flu continues to wipe put poultry across the US, Iowa forced to kill 5.3 million chickens

DES MOINES, Iowa — The confirmation of bird flu at another Iowa egg-laying farm will force the killing of more than 5 million chickens, state officials said Friday. It’s the second confirmed case of avian influenza in Buena Vista County, about 160 miles (257 kilometers) northwest of Des Moines, but the latest outbreak is at an […] Read More