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Rabbi Reveals The Cure For Coronavirus Can Be Found in the Book of Samuel

Rabbi Shlomo Khaimov revealed in a video address that the cure for coronavirus can be found in the book of kings. The rabbi notes that during the time of King David, there was also a plague whereby “everyday dozens and dozens of people were dying.” Hashem sent a pestilence upon Yisrael from morning until the set time; and […] Read More

Volunteers find Bible with inspirational message spared from Tennessee tornado

Despite the recent tornado that decimated Nashville and brought destruction to many towns in the region leaving at least 25 dead, Lauren Jackson and Jorja Gust found a message of hope in Cookeville in the midst of tragedy.  “We were crouching down there for probably 10 minutes, just searching for some hope or something Cookeville needed to hear,” stated […] Read More

More Bibles confiscated by Chinese authorities in fresh crackdown

As part of their campaign to “eradicate pornography and illegal publications,” Chinese government officials have begun seizing unlicensed religious material, including Bibles. In December of last year, the police raided a house church meeting venue in Lichuan county, confiscating anything they deemed “pirated.” The agents stole several boxes of Bibles, hymn books, and other religious literature found in […] Read More
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How Many Herods in the Bible

I realized that a lot of people get confused about who “Herod” is in the Bible. This isn’t surprising since there are actually six different (!) “Herods” in the New Testament, and they are all somehow related to each other.Here are thumbnail sketches to help you keep track of who’s who: 1. Herod the Great (ruled […] Read More