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Citing Coronavirus California Megachurch Cancels ‘Faith-Healing’ Hospital Visits

Oh Ye Of Little Faith: Bethel Church, a “faith-healing” California megachurch that teaches that the power of prayer can “raise the dead and cure the sick,” admits that they are no match for the coronavirus. Raw Story reports: A megachurch in California that regularly conducts “faith-healing” sessions at local hospitals apparently doesn’t believe the power of […] Read More

“Olive hasn’t been raised”: Bethel Church ceasing attempts to resurrect 2-year-old

Bethel Church announced on their Facebook page early Saturday that they are ceasing attempts to resurrect two-year-old Olive Heiligenthal, the daughter of a Bethel worship leader who died one week ago, and whom they have been trying to bring back to life through prayer, worship, ceremonies, songs, commands, and “believing God” for the miracle. “Olive hasn’t been […] Read More

Worship Leaders Lift Jesus in White House: ‘Let This Sound Give You Great Hope for America!’

Worship music rang throughout the White House Friday as several Christian artists lifted the name of Jesus.  Bethel worship leader Sean Feucht posted videos of the small gathering to Instagram. View this post on Instagram IN CASE ANYONE OUT THERE IS WORRIED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF AMERICA TODAY…. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . . INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE […] Read More