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Amateur astronomer discovers potentially hazardous near-Earth kilometer-size asteroid

We have not yet found all the large, potentially hazardous near-Earth objects, as highlighted by the recent discovery of a kilometer-size asteroid. Amateur astronomer Leonardo Amaral was scanning the skies on the night of August 27th, imaging a region in the constellation Indus, when he picked up a cosmic interloper: the asteroid 2020 QU6. Amaral used the 0.3-meter […] Read More

NASA worried about ‘city killer’ asteroids

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) – NASA scientists are worried about killer asteroids that may be headed for Earth. The type of asteroid NASA is worried about is much smaller than the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and it crashes into Earth more frequently. These asteroids are about several hundred feet or less […] Read More

A Deadly Pandemic Wasn’t Enough, Four Asteroids Are Approaching Earth Says NASA

It wasn’t enough that COVID-19 pandemic is trying to kill us, now NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies or CNEOS has reported that on 21st March and 23rd March, a total of four asteroids will be approaching Earth and are expected to fly really close to our planet. The four asteroids have been named by CNEOS as 2020 FK, […] Read More

Asteroid Could Cause Atmospheric Explosion If It Gets Too Close

An asteroid following an Earth-intersecting orbit was approaching  the planet, and data collected by NASA indicates it’s big enough to create a violent explosion in the atmosphere should it come too close. The approaching asteroid is being monitored by NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, which is tracking the object, known as 2020 EF, at more than 10,000 […] Read More

Doomsday computer created to decide fate of future asteroids on crash course for Earth

A team of scientists at MIT created a computer to help deal with asteroidsThe program simulates a range of scenarios based on how close the asteroid is The aim is to keep the asteroids from entering a gravitational keyholeThat’s the point where the asteroid enters an orbital path in the Earth’s gravitational field, making collision inevitable  A […] Read More