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Experts Say it Has Never Snowed That Much in The Andes – Despite Amazing 13 Feet of Snow in Just 2 Weeks Ski Stations Remain Closed Due to Corona in Argentina and Chile

The Andes continue accumulating snow, up to 4 meters (more than 13 feet) right now and it continues to fall. The Andes are receiving perhaps record-breaking snowfall just when ski centers are closed due to Covid-19. There are few clues as to whether they will finally be able to open. It has already snowed 13 feet […] Read More

Vicious Sandstorm Sweeps Through Cordoba, Argentina (Videos)

Several locations in Cordoba, Argentina were swept by a vicious dust storm that heavily damaged homes, uprooted trees and turned the day into night. The storm, that came out-of-nowhere, occurred just before 7pm local time on Sunday, January 5, 2020. First, locals noticed a doom cloud engulfing the sky. Then temperatures fell dramatically. Finally, the […] Read More