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Evangelist Says Bible Gives Many Clues of Identity Of The Antichrist

The Antichrist will appear in the last days and is revealed in the Bible as a figure of deception who will falsely declare himself the Messiah. According to Express, Many Christians believe the Antichrist will appear before the Second Coming of Christ, leading to a war between the forces of good and evil. Many have questioned […] Read More

End of the world: Religions merging a sign of the coming Antichrist – shock prophecy claim

END OF THE WORLD forecasters believe the signs of the Apocalypse are converging rapidly, and doomsday will soon be upon us, in a shocking claim. End of the world conspiracy theorists believe religions are beginning to merge – and this is one of the main signs of the apocalypse, they say. Doomsdayers believe the signs […] Read More

Prophetic Word: The Lord Says, ‘Don’t Look for the Antichrist Right Now’

God wants us to continue in diligent prayer and forget looking for the Antichrist. (Unsplash) Is America going to be overtaken by other governments? Are we facing a governmental collapse in November 2020? Dutch Sheets says, “No.” Hear his comments and thoughts regarding an apocalyptic message that is currently being spread across America. Note: You […] Read More

Rabbi claims hidden revelation reveals Messiah will appear this year

Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten has been working his entire life to helping others, leading a unique charitable organization. As a young man, he longed for the Messiah so deeply that he penned a prayer to bring the Messiah. Millions of copies of the prayer have been printed and can be found tucked inside prayer books around the world.  Rabbi […] Read More