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Devastation Looms for Millions in Africa

Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth” .Jeremiah 25:32 The present conflict that we see developing in our world is indeed terrible—far more terrible than anything we have seen since the death and […] Read More

Passover: New Wave of Locust ‘Plague’ Hits Africa, This Time it’s 20 Times Bigger

A locust plague up to 20 times larger than a wave two months earlier is threatening to devastate parts of East Africa. January and February saw the worst locust outbreak some countries had seen in 70 years, with crops and farmland ravaged across much of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. But now, amid a global coronavirus pandemic, a second, much bigger round of […] Read More

Panic as coronavirus erupts across Africa – ‘People will die on the streets’

With cases of COVID-19 now recorded in more than two dozen African countries, and South Africa imposing a three-week lockdown which comes into force on Thursday, a German epidemiologist fears the disease will hit the continent hard in the summer, warning: “People will die in the streets“. Europe is currently the epicenter of the pandemic, with well over 60,000 […] Read More

Gigantic Sinkholes Swallow Homes and Roads in Khutsong, South Africa (Videos)

Many residents outside Carletonville, SA will soon have to evacuate because of huge growing sinkholes are swallowing up their properties and infrastructure. The City plans to rehouse more than 25 000 residents. Homes and streets have already been completely swallowed by the Earth. The stench from the broken sewer pipes is unbearable. In some places, owners […] Read More

What Allowed Locusts to Multiply by the Millions? Plague Spreads Far Beyond Africa Across Middle East to China

The plague of locusts that is marching through Africa is also invading other continents as well. While billions of the locusts are ravaging East Africa and devastating crops, massive groups of the insects are also swarming through the Middle East. There have been reports in countries like Yemen, Iran and Pakistan, even into India, as […] Read More

With More Than One Million Chinese Living in Africa and no Strict Controls at Airports, the Dark Continent is Where the Coronavirus Outbreak Will Totally Explode Out-Of-Control as Health Workers Warn They Are Definitely not Ready to Face a New Epidemic

The virus that has spread through much of China has yet to be confirmed in Africa, but global health authorities are increasingly worried about the threat to the continent. An estimated 1 million Chinese now live there, there are no strict controls at airports and some health workers on the ground warn they are not […] Read More