Boy Eaten Alive by Stray Pigs After Wandering Out of His House in India

Four-year-old V. Harshavardhan was killed by a herd of wild pigs as he played near his home in Hyderbad, India.

The stray pigs then ate part of his body.

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V. Harshavardhan left his home in Saibabad, Hyderbad, at 4pm on Tuesday and went to play at an isolated area near his home.

The herd of wild pigs dragged the boy to a rubbish dump where they killed and then ate him.

Police were called after his badly bitten body had been discovered.

Siadabad Station House officer K Srinivas said: “A pack of pigs were loitering around the garbage dump and attacked the child on spotting him.

The animals partially ate the body of the boy.

Police were working to identify the body when the boy’s parents arrived.

He was taken to hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Harshavardhan lived in a hut in Singareni colony. His parents are out of work because of coronavirus lockdown.

The parents of the 4-year-old boy eaten alive by the stray pigs lived under a tent in Singareni Colony in Hyderabad, India. Picture: AFP-Getty

Neighbours had made repeated complaints to local authorities about the pigs but nothing was done to remove them from the area.

Harshavardhan’s death was the first of its kind in the area.

However, neighbours had complained that the pigs found their way back to their neighbourhood despite being shooed away. [DM]

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