Big Waves Crash on Brazilian Beaches and Drag People away (Videos)

Tourists and locals were left in shock after large waves crashed on Brazilian beaches, dragging people away and sweeping everything on their path!

Giant waves crash on beach in Sao Paolo, dragging bathers back to shore. Picture via Twitter

Locals and tourist were left baffled after large and strong waves crashed on the beaches in the region of Sao Paolo, Brazil on February 23, 2020, dragging people away:

The dangerous situation prompt port officials to issue a warning for waves up to 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) in the city of Ubatuba, SP.

As shown in the video below, people are shocked, almost terrified and try to escape from the flooded beach.

The unexpected wave phenomenon injured at least six people and was reported all along the littoral of Sao Paolo, mostly at beaches in Tenório, Fazenda, Itaguá, Toninhas and Praia Grande. More extreme weather pehenomena on Strange Sounds.