Another 349 Coronavirus Deaths In One day In Italy – More Than 700 In 48 Hours

Italy has reported more than 700 deaths in two days, including a record 368 in a single day on Sunday.

And where do they pile the bodies? Are crematoriums running 24 hours?

The Coronavirus pandemic is going completely out-of-control in Italy, with hospitals overcrowded with Covid-19 infected patients, zombie-like medical staff and death rate skyrocketing… Just on Monday, another 349 new deaths from the coronavirus were reported, taking its total since last month to 2,158.

The COVID-19 fatalities have more than doubled since Thursday, when Italy first exceeded 1,000 deaths.

Within 48 hours, the death toll has escalated by more than 700 deaths, including a record 368 in a single day on Sunday. Officials have confirmed 27,980 infections.

More than 12,800 people are currently being treated in hospital (1,851 in intensive care). Another 10,197 people are in self-isolation at home.

Nearly 138,000 people have been tested for the virus across Italy, with around 20 percent coming back positive.

These numbers will continue to rise in the coming days, although nationwide quarantine measures have been put into effect. Officials suggest the quarantines should show results in around two weeks.

The Lombardy region is the hardest hit with 1,420 deaths. This represents 66 percent of Italy’s total.

Around Turin, the deaths and infections even doubled within the last two days. In contrast, the Lazio region around Rome has recoded 19 deaths and 523 infections. More pandemmic news on Strange Sounds. [The Local]