And The Sea Turned Red in South Africa (Video)

And suddenly the water turned blood red in coastal Cape Town, South Africa.

But what is actually going on in this weird video?

The film shows a rare interaction between a seal and its prey. But the seal isn’t battling against a giant squid

Nope, dwarf sperm whales are also capable of releasing smoke bombs of blood red liquid when under attack.

In the video, a dwarf sperm whale can be seen fleeing as a predatory seal zooms after it in pursuit.

The chase is suddenly immersed in a reddish-brown cloud as the whale inks in an attempt to confuse the seal.

This dark fluid is ejected from the whale’s intestine, and they can release more than 11 liters (3 gallons) of it when under attack.

After releasing the ink, the stressed whale beached itself on rocks. The whale was finally euthanized.

The dwarf sperm whale is a deep water mammal that needs deep water for its sonar to work normally.

When they get into swallow waters, dwrf sperm whales become distressed and disoriented. And this exactly what it happened to this whale when it entered the harbor. More animal die-off on Strange Sounds. [SA People]