Amazing True Story

This is A TRUE LIFE STORY READ THROUGH. BUT DO NOT CRY !!! ( Please read through… ) * There was a man whose wife was pregnant, One day they were eating, along the line the woman fell down and died, the woman was rushed immediately to the hospital to know if th baby in her womb was still alive,when they arrived the hospital, they rushed her into the operation room, the doctor quickly operated on her, and the baby was brought out alive. The husband of the woman started praying to God, with tears rolling out from his eyes, telling God to make her wife to be alive, since the baby came out alive, immediately the doctor finish operating on the woman, Behold the woman was found breathing, everybody in the hospital both the husband were shocked and they begin to thank GOD for such a Miracle. Now I decree by the name that is above all other names, let there be peace to every storms you are facing, anything that seems impossible in your life, shall be possible beginning from today, kings shall come to your rising, no more delay again in your life, beginning from today you shall experience supernatural speed in whatever you tend to achieve in life and all satanist, Illuminati, witchcraft and evil spirits coming your way will be cast out. So shall it be in Jesus name! If you believe, Share it LET world read this!!!