A Christian grandmother is facing a MILLION dollar penalty for declining to make floral arrangements for “Gay Wedding”

 I have some news about Barronelle Stutzman — she’s the Baptist grandmother who owns a flower shop in Washington State. Barronelle made national headlines when she declined to create floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding.

Doing so would have violated her religious convictions. So Barronelle suggested three other florists that she knew would do the job. Instead, one of the grooms went to the media – and a firestorm descended on the Baptist grandmother.

The Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit – accusing her of discrimination. Not only did he sue her business – she he also sued Barronelle personally. An unprecedented move.

The ACLU also piled on – filing a separate lawsuit on behalf of the gay men.  After an eight-year battle – the Supreme Court declined to hear the case.  That means Barronelle will likely be forced to pay damages and attorney’s fees —- a number that could exceed one million dollars.