40% of Tehran’s Residents will Catch Coronavirus within Two Weeks

Iran estimates that 40% of its residents residing in the country’s capital, Tehran, will be infected with the Coronavirus within just two weeks.

The Islamic Republic has already begun taking steps such as eliminating Friday prayers, shutting down tourist attractions and canceling New Year’s celebrations. These are just a few of the initiatives that the government is taking in Tehran to contain the virus’s reach.

Iranian authorities stated that 107 people died from the virus. However, unofficial reports are claiming that 450 have died from the pandemic. Reports came out roughly two weeks ago that Friday prayers in major cities in the Islamic Republic were canceled. Last Friday there were no prayers at any mosques.

Mohammed Jawad Hajj Ali Akbari, chairman of the Imams Public Policy Council on Friday, explained that the decision was made in accordance with the guidelines of the Corona National Commission. But despite the decree, several Imams and clerics in the cities of Mashhad and Qum blasted the decision opposing its implementation. They attacked the quarantine of the ‘holy’ city of Qom, a Shiite stronghold.

Iran has been blamed for spreading the Coronavirus has spread to other Muslim and Arab countries. Cases of infection have been discovered in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, which Iranian citizens frequent. Other cases were discovered in Jordan, Egypt, and the Gulf states. Read more