12 Things to do to Overcome Persecution at Home for Young Christians

Christians are called to live for Jesus, and follow him in everything they do. But what exactly does it mean to live for Jesus, and how do you do it? The best way is to look in the Bible for examples of how Christ lived, and try to be as much like him as possible. Living for the Savior is more meaningful than living for ourselves. We’re here to help you with some real-world steps you can take today!

1. Don’t just talk about Christ, show Christ!

2. Help around the house: wash the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry, etc. This is more powerful than singing worship songs all day long without lifting a finger to help with the daily chores.

3. Never be disrespectful to your parents. They do not understand what you’ve gotten yourself into, explain nicely and patiently.

4. Obey your parents. Every time you disobey them is a demerit to your new found relationship with Jesus.

5. Show them your transformed life, don’t find fault with them.

6. Never put down their beliefs. They will defend it to the death. Just share the Truth in love.

7. Pray for them daily.

8. Love them to death. That simply means showing them your genuine love excessively. This will tell them that you have become a better person because of your relationship with Jesus.

9. Win them without a word. Sometimes, to be still is all it takes to get them into thinking about their own relationship with God.

10. Never backslide.

11. Understand that persecution is normal to a follower of Christ.

12. Never give up. You will reap a harvest only if you do not give up. Blessed are you when you are persecuted for Jesus’ sake for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven. ~Matthew 5:10